Supplier Spotlight
Organic India

                Formed as a labor of love in the 1990’s, Organic India was created by a small group of people from different areas of the world that shared a common goal.  They set out to be trustworthy leaders that provided genuine, clean, organic products that promoted an all-around healthy lifestyle.  Their respect was not only guided towards the consumer, but also Mother Nature.   By providing a complete natural blend of teas while caring for the environment, the founders of Organic India sought out to provide customers worldwide with the purest organic food and health products.

                Inspired by Sri H.W.L. Poonja, or known as Papaji by many, the founders of Organic India traveled to Lucknow, India to gain insight on his views.  Papaji is a well-regarded teacher who devoted a lifetime of service and commitment to the people of India.  Upon their arrival, they learned the teachings of Papaji.  His words inspired the group of visionaries, “Keep Quiet.  The eternal truth exists within you.  Do not entertain a single thought and the truth will reveal itself to itself.”  Papaji’s outlook on life made this group of individuals driven to make a change.  They wanted to create a business that would forever impact agriculture in northern India.  The founder’s mission was not only to develop healthy pure products worldwide, but to also provide training and education to farmers that could be passed down from generation to generation.

                Following the success of their Original Tulsi Tea, Organic India began working with more farmers and expanded their natural blend of products.  By providing the proper training and education, the farmers of Organic India are experts in every aspect of organic.  Each and every Organic India farmers are certified organic according to NOP standards.  All Organic India facilities have also been awarded SQF, HACCP, USDA, and GMP certifications, along with kosher certification for a majority of products.  Currently Organic India products are distributed throughout India, the United States, Israel, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Japan, and Australia.   Their powerful commitment to promote wellness for all and our natural environment serves as a movement that is being followed worldwide. 

John Grillea – jgrillea@unfi.com