Supplier Spotlight
Sidda Flower Essences

As more and more people find themselves being overly occupied with work while trying to take care of their families at the same time, they are realizing that they have less time and energy to focus on their own health, happiness, and overall well-being.  People are striving to stay away from synthetic health fixes and are leaning towards incorporating more natural, homeopathic remedies into their lives. It’s not always easy to find the safest and most effective homeopathic remedies, but thanks to former war veteran Stan Deland, there is a company that combines nature’s purest, most beloved gifts in order to create a product line of natural wellness solutions that support the overall quality of health and life for men, women, children, and pets too!

Sidda Flower Essences was founded by a former Marine Infantry captain, Stan Deland, who, due to his regularly on-the-go and hectic lifestyle, wanted to find something that would bring some clarity and balance into his life. That is when he recognized the healing power of flower essences, and he began to utilize them regularly in order to practice emotional detox. His direct experience with flower essences was so incredible and life-changing, that he wanted to share his unique discovery with others. So Stan formed a team of four unique, passionate individuals who each had very diverse yet extremely valuable work experiences, and together they run a successful company that creates products that offer “the gentle yet powerful tools of nature” to its customers. The entire Sidda team works together harmoniously to emphasize the importance of practicing a healthy, balanced life through the consistent use of their products.

What makes Sidda so special is that not only does the company focus its efforts to understand the stresses and health issues of adults, but they also make sure to direct their efforts to help children and pets.  Sidda carries an abundant variety of homeopathic spray products, from stress relief sprays to healthy hair and youthful skin sprays. The products are 100% natural, gluten-free, contain no alcohol, and its main components are cell salts, flower essences, and “love and gratitude.”  Sidda’s products are a true reflection of how the company took the time to thoroughly research and understand the effectiveness and proper use of its products because they want to ensure that each customer experiences optimal results.

Sidda’s business has continued to see remarkable growth and success, and the brand takes great pride in the constant flood of positive feedback from some very happy, and now brand loyal, customers. Since 2008, the company has significantly increased their product offering and they show no signs of stopping any time soon. Sidda was introduced in our July catalog and is exclusively distributed through Select Nutrition. The company continues to remain focused on uncovering more factors that causes internal and external imbalances in the body, while designing safe and natural homeopathic solutions that are appropriate for every kind of lifestyle.

Paula Wiszowaty - pwiszowaty@unfi.com