Supplier Spotlight
Reviva Labs


Since 1973, Reviva Labs has made their mission well known to its consumers.  They strive to bring them skin treatments that are safe and priced reasonably, Reviva Labs has kept their promise for over 40 years.  

Today, Reviva Labs products are sold in professional skin care salons and health food stores worldwide.  With multiple generations of several families working at Reviva Labs, the employees have maintained a special bond over their 40 year history. Their goal is to create products that help keep your skin healthier and have an overall more youthful appearance.

            Since its inception, Reviva Labs has created many all-natural groundbreaking skin-care concepts.  The company was the first to introduce exfoliation to America, the first to introduce elastin in skin-care salons and health food stores and more importantly, Reviva Labs has always been against animal testing. Other groundbreaking concepts have been are  an inter-cell day cream and night gel, a  non-drying approach to acne, unique dark spot lightening formulas, collagen fiber masks, glycolic acid products, serum for eyelids, oxygen – via stabilized hydrogen peroxide, and stabilized ascorbic acid and ascorbigen.  For over 40 years, Reviva Labs has revolutionized skincare products and serve as innovators for other companies to follow.

            Sold worldwide, Reviva Labs products offer the most unique skin-care brands in the cosmetic industry that stand apart from the rest.  They not only focus on skin-care professional’s demand, but they also target whatever specific needs individuals may encounter.  During the companies early years, Reviva Labs was known as, “The U.N. of skin-care discoveries,” because of their many European affiliations.  With 12 different laboratories in 6 different countries, Reviva Labs imports their products quickly and effectively all under the Reviva label.  Once a small company, Reviva Labs has turned into an industry leader that has introduced more skin-care firsts to American stores than most cosmetic giants.

-June Carlin jcarlin@unfi.com